UTS is committed to creating and contributing to an innovation-centric community, workforce, economy and culture and with that goal firmly in mind is equipping its students and graduates with the tools, spaces and values of entrepreneurial problem solving.

The Ultimo campus has always represented and been at the forefront of technological innovation. Continuing that tradition and position of adapting and leading the way into the 21st century UTS’ course offerings, opportunities for formal and informal social connection as well as the spaces and labs for students dedicated to entrepreneurship are embedded into the fabric of the University.

Already in place at UTS are the pre-incubator; The Hatchery and the accelerator  Hatchery+ both located in Building 15. The Summer Venture Lab in the School of Business takes place each year within the MBAe and there are dedicated and specialised spaces for students to collaborate, make and investigate in the areas of Design, Science and Engineering.

“My involvement with the Hatchery has been an absolute game changer … I can walk away with an entrepreneurial toolkit that will be invaluable no matter what career path I choose.” James Francis Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Public Communication)

With exciting new cross-faculty labs rolling out in 2017 such as Proto Space, which traverses Design, Architecture Building, Engineering & IT and Science, along with a growing number of entrepreneurial programs set to be delivered out of ‘Building 15′ the future looks bright for UTS’ entrepreneur-minded students and graduates.


Last updated December 14, 2016.



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