So you want to be an entrepreneur?

At UTS students across the spectrum from undergraduate degree programs through to specialised Masters degrees can take advantage of internships, community projects, job postings, scholarships and work experience with an entrepreneurial edge.

“It’s given me a really excellent talking point for graduate opportunities and internships in Australia. Lots of companies look at it and think it’s interesting – they want to find out more.”
Will Chivers. Bachelor of Business Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

While first hand experience is not a prerequisite. for founding a startup many business leaders do credit an entrepreneurial internship as having had an impact – for better or worse – on their own business goals and ambitions.

“I would highly recommend an international internship, and especially one in Indonesia, not only for personal growth and development, but also for professional development and career opportunities.”
Ursula O’Dwyer. Bachelor of Business

Events & Competitions

For new ventures to succeed tenacity, good and useful ideas/products/services, knowledge of the marketplace and sustainable funding models are key.

UTS encourages entrepreneurial mindsets in all students and especially those who are serious about their startups.

Facilitating competitions, workshops, boot camps, jams and pitches so students and graduates can hone their skills and experience as they prepare to answer and start solving real world questions and problems is top of mind at UTS.

“I think that creativity in entrepreneurship is particularly interesting in the current social climate because of globalisation. A lot of industries are becoming melded together, there is a lot of cross disciplinary action.
Dominica Ingui BA. Communication (Public Communication), B. Creative Intelligence and Innovation.

UTS’ Business Practice Unit also delivers public lectures, panel discussions, Q&A, conferences, networking events and talks in, for and with the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Last updated March 20, 2017


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