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In just about every conversation that occurs around the subject of improving global economics the topic often turns to women and the unique challenges they face when pursuing the entrepreneurship pathway.

Women, unfortunately, have not been and still are not ‘seen’ or ‘perceived’ to possess the necessary skills to lead a startup. A quick peruse of the gender composition of society’s most influential entrepreneurs suggests there is still work to be done.

So why are there so few women entrepreneurs?
Women face specific barriers to entrepreneurship which include:

  • Mentors are in short supply
  • Entrepreneurship is perceived as a masculine activity teeming with gender stereotypes
  • The juggle of maintaining a work-life balance is more pronounced for women entrepreneurs

Interestingly even though women are underrepresented in the entrepreneurial sector research conducted by the Kauffman Foundation in the United States, in 2015, demonstrates that women infact make ‘great entrepreneurs’.

Why? Because women bring particular skill sets to the mix that lend themselves to being successful such as:

  • A more nuanced view of risk identifying than men with a concern for “fool hardy risks.”
  • Greater ambitions to become serial entrepreneurs than their male counterparts.

The Kauffman report also indicated that when women are in business leadership positions there is a correlation to increased business returns.

UTS is committed to nurturing and encouraging women entrepreneurs in and beyond Ultimo by providing events, activities and opportunities for female entrepreneurs to connect and is a proud supporter of SheStarts  a competitive start up program initiated in 2016 by Blue Chilli.

SheStarts is funding ambitious women in the technology startup space and is focused in filling the gaps in terms of gender inequity in the sector.

SheStarts will increase attendance, participation, minimise drop off rates and enhance entrepreneurial outcomes for the women selected to participate in the accelerator program.

Over 400 women applied, 20 projects were shortlisted to battle it out and pitch for ten places in the accelerator tailored specifically for women, as well as receive  $100,000 investment funding.

So if you want to be part of the female entrepreneurial revolution request to join the dedicated facebook group, Ultimo Ladies Lounge and get involved.

Last updated, February 6, 2017




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