Hatchery paves the way for Tekuma

UTS MBA student Annette McClelland never dreamed she would one day be running her own tech startup, let alone a drone control system in the form of Tekuma.

An innovative technology-start up, Tekuma allows operators to fly their drone with one hand via integration of the camera operation and navigation control. More intuitive for the user and easier to learn to use Tekuma’s control system makes drone operation more accessible than ever and is set to revolutionise the drone industry.

Annette’s Tekuma experience typifies the UTS approach and opportunities it provides for its students to forge their own futures via entrepreneurship.

As a UTS student Annette took advantage of the 2016 Autumn Hatchery program. Open to all kin and kind across all schools, faculties and levels the 10-week Hatchery pre-incubator program provides foundational entrepreneurship skills with a focus on developing innovative ideas that solve real human problems.

Not only did Annette thoroughly enjoy her Hatchery experience, she backed it up by applying for the Hatchery+ program for start up founders in the second half of 2016.

“When my co-founder, Michael Griffin, was working on commercialising his thesis, I said, ‘Why don’t we apply to Hatchery+?” says Annette. After being accepted into the Hatchery+ program, which provides a dedicated co-working space for three months and mentorship from some of the best entrepreneurs in Australia, Annette recalls, “The opportunity was there and I couldn’t say no to being in a like-minded environment to really learn things.”

At the conclusion of three months of intense immersion into and application on their drone controller start up in the Hatchery+ co-working space situated in the basement of UTS Building 15, Annette and Michael went on to win the final pitching competition in front of a room full of investors and judges at Demo Day.

While acknowledging that it has taken a lot of work Annette says the creation of Tekuma has been an ‘empowering experience’.

Photo by Rosary Coloma.
Adapted from an article by Liz Danks October 24, 2016. Last updated December 5, 2016.