UTS continues to lead the way by rolling out ultra-progressive and trans-disciplinary Bachelor degrees and subjects that are perfect for nimble and agile go-getters.

The Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation affectionately known as the BCII traverses multiple perspectives and fields, integrating a range of industry experiences, real-world projects and self-initiated proposals, equipping graduates to address the wicked problems, complex challenges and untapped opportunities in today’s world.

A combined degree the BCII and provides leading edge capabilities that are highly valued in the globalised world, including dealing with critical and creative thinking, invention, complexity, innovation, future scenario building and entrepreneurship, and the ability to work on their own, across and between other disciplines. These creative intelligence competencies enable graduates to navigate across a rapidly accelerating world of change.

“Sometimes we’re kinda talking about trying to explain how it’s a whole new way of thinking, so kind of completely different to your core degree. You’re learning all of these different problem solving methods, just different ways to look at any problem, which will go with any degree that you’re studying, any core discipline and just take it apart. Becky McCreath  B. Engineering (ICT Engineering) B Creative Intelligence and Innovation.

In 2017 the new Bachelor of Technology and Innovation commences at UTS which is a direct response to industry demand for skilled border-crossers who live at the intersection of technology, creativity and innovation. Taking a transdisciplinary approach, the BTI will develop technological knowledge, practices, perspectives and strategies spanning a diverse range of specialist areas. Right from the get go students will collaborate with industry, community, government and academic researchers on real briefs and live projects focused on high-level technological thinking and problem-solving leading to innovation, creative and entrepreneurial outcomes.


Last updated December 15, 2016.



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